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Select Papers from 2013 Fall Symposium/PDC

CSA Z94.2 – Hearing Protection Devices

CSA Z107.56 – Measurement of Occupational Noise Exposure

CSA Z1007 – Hearing Loss Prevention Program Management

Diesel Exhaust Exposure in the Mining Environment

GHS Tools

GHS Tools Supplementary Links

Diesel Exhaust - Health Effects

Analytical Methods for Diesel Particulate Matter (DPM)

A Case Study of Diesel Particulate Exposure in the Locomotive Industry

Select Papers from 2013 Spring Symposium/PDC

Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome

Occupational Skin Disease

Occupational COPD

Occupational Cancer

Occupational Disease

Nanotechnology A Afghan

Nanotechnology T Repaso-Subang

Nanotechnology L Anderson

How OELs Are Developed

Select Papers from 2012 Spring Symposium

Use of Respiratory Protection, the Requirements and their Implications

Preventing Occupational Illness

Designated Substances Regulation (O. Reg. 490/09) – Overview

Overcoming Barriers in the Application of the Designated Substances Regulation

Professional Ethics

Ontario’s Toxics Reduction Program

The Merits of a Medical Surveillance Program


Select Papers from 2011 Fall Symposium


Select Papers from 2009 Spring Symposium

Ontario's Toxic Reduction Strategy


Selected Papers from 2008 Spring Symposium

Asbestos Abatement Certification Programs for Workers and Supervisors
Hamilton's Municipality and Industry Cooperative Emergency Response Plan
Epigenetics: Understanding the Effects of Exposure on our DNA
Montreal Refinery Horizon Project: Delayed Coking Unit
Integration of Safety, Health and Environment into all Aspects of the AZC Business


Selected Papers from 2007 Fall Symposium

Ontario Ministry of Labour's Occupational Hygiene Initiatives, Strategies and Programs
Recent Amendment to Canadian Occupational Health and Safety Regulations: The Hazard Prevention Program
Occupational Hygienists - Maximizing Value in an Organization


Selected Papers from 2007 Spring Symposium

Occupational Exposure to Metalworking Fluids
Environmental Regulations and Possible Role for OHS
Health Concerns Arising from Low Frequency Sound in a Chemistry Lab
WHMIS meets GHS: Challenges for MSDS Authors and Users


Selected Papers from 2006 Fall Symposium

Pandemic Influenza: Role of the Ontario Ministry of Labour
Pandemic Planning: Lessons from SARS
The Involvement of Occupational Hygiene in the Adjudication of WSIB Occupational Disease Claims


Selected Papers from 2006 Spring Symposium

Air Monitoring
Fatigue Management
MOL 2006/07 Priorities


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